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Online video generation tool for brands & agencies

Rapidly generate videos via templates. Connect your data or render on-demand.


Create videos in just a few clicks

The easiest way to generate new videos.
Select your template, fill out the form and preview the changes immediately. Once you're happy, click Render to save your video file.

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Mass produce hundreds of videos

Generate many personalised videos in one batch.
Perfect for localisation and large scale customisation.


Automated video generation

Use our API to submit requests to automatically generate videos based on events within your workflows.

Super-fast rendering

GPU-accelerated cloud rendering

Render from anywhere using any device.
Our global cloud-based infrastructure handles all of the rendering for you.

How does it work?

Get in touch

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We can create your templates from scratch or convert an existing design.

Template build

Once the template design has been approved, we will convert this into an Edit Square compatible project.

App access

You and your team will have access to your private account where you can view your templates and render history.

Render videos

The fun part! Generate your videos easily through one of our methods: Form, Bulk or API.

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